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A Done Deal.


Potters and ceramic artists have a long history of trading pieces with each other. It's great when it is an even trade; a cup for a cup, a bowl for a bowl etc. It has been nearly a year since I fell in love with a Yungbluth watering can. I must have told him a dozen times how great it was before he gave it to me in an open ended trade. What that means is that whenever I made something that he liked, he need only to ask for it and the trade would be complete. So, fast forward to Friday, Oct 1st. I'm gross from working my A.I.R-day and prepping for the big Octoberfest sale the next day. I am impatiently waiting for my ^6 kiln to cool (a watched kiln never cools) down to 120 before I decide to push it, put on some gloves and pull it all out with just a brief melody of pings on a few pieces of thickly glazed member pieces. I was so happy to find that all my tumblers came out exactly as planned. It's weird to go back and forth between soda/wood/gas and electric. You get used to good surprises and painful disappointments. Take the last wood fire for example. I had maybe 10 pieces in the train. Three cups were warped, another two were under fired and the most beautiful mug was stuck to someone else's jug, a third person's cross and the shelf. The rest of my work ranged from good to great. So I was pleasantly surprised to have 11 perfect tumblers. While they were still hot, I brought them upstairs to the slide room and snapped away, then downstairs for pricing. That's when Yungbluth showed up and saw my bounty. I said something like. " take your pick " and surprise, surprise, surprise. He did! Our trade is finally done. He selected a tumbler with a sweet robot/fish/submarine design. Yeah. Now I just owe something to his better half, Miss M.Lee.


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He picked the one that was my favorite. :) But they all looked awesome.

October 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermelissa

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