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dreaded goblets

I used to hate making mugs because I didn't know how to make a handle. Cups? No problem, but handles were never pushed in my non-academic classes, so after my first failed attempt, I stopped trying. Fast forward to late last summer when I asked every potter I knew for a handle- pulling demo, and after 25 mugs, I conquered that beast. So yeah, I pull handles now. Easy peesy. While I was giving a private lesson to an earnest beginner this week, pulling a handle to squeeze every minute out of her hour-- I could not recall when handles stopped being so darn dreaded. But there is a list to infinity of things I've yet to do and more importantly do WELL with clay. My most recent two? Goblets and lids. First off, I don't like ceramic goblets-- too medieval for me. I'll drink wine from a cup or even a mug, thank you. But a friend has asked me to make her a pair so sure, why not? Throw a cup/ bowl- throw a stem, trim, attach. Throw a cup/ bowl, trim, throw a stem on it.  Well for friggin' sakes! All the pieces are simple to make, but attaching and finishing and feeling happy with the outcome has been a grueling task. I went one for one on good ones vs. trashed ones. Stems came unattached during bisque (scratch and attach, I know, I know-- but what happens when what usually works and suddenly does not?) SO. My low-fire goblets came out fine, my soda fire goblets came out great. Tonight, as I was glazing my last two 'extra' sets I was feeling good. Some Gelermino Shino on one pair, Shaner Oribe on the other-  soda fire mojo, and then, as I was pouring out the excess glaze from the last one, the entire cup part fell into the bucket as I held onto the stem. Deadline looming, I am forced to clean that sucker off, dry it in the kiln room, glaze and re-attach the frickin' stem- with my fingers crossed. I even threw some extra glaze on its pair- buddy with hopes that IF it survives the fire, it might still match. I hate goblets. Okay, to be optimistic..... when all is said and done, at least I now know 10 different ways to make a goblet, but I swear I NEVER- EVER will make another. 




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Reader Comments (1)

The impossible becomes possible and the possible over a long period of time becomes easy. T. Krishnamacharya

i loved reading your description of that moment.

anyway, you'll master goblets (in case robin hood ever commissions you!), though it sounds like your nearly there, and lids! miss you!

July 20, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternicole

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