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Oh, Carbondale!

Oh so much has happened in the past few months....

First, there was quite a looong recovery period after NCECA. Someone said that it was fun when we look back on it, but brutally stressful and exhausting during the weeks leading up to and after. Couldn't agree more. I was only able to see a few (like 5) exhibits, luckily some of the best were inside the Train Station--- but even then, I was WORKING which sucked when it kept me from meeting new people and talking to those I know. 

Second, it was during the crazy NCECA week that it began to sink in that I was not getting accepted to graduate school, which began the mad dash of residency/post bacc applications. Needless to say I was bummed out. However, I sold the heck out of my cups and flasks and that helped my ego bunches, Thank you ceramic peers!

Third, Southern Illinois University of Carbondale has a wonderful masters program for ceramics. It was one of my top choices, and while I wasn't admitted into their program, I was pleasantly surprised when they offered me post bacc. I'm still making all the arrangements for moving/living and I presume I'll be going on the "ramen" diet to pay for it all, but I AM very excited to be taking a firm step towards my goal. Oh, and a wonderfully delightful and deliciously cool step out of steamy Florida. Ah..........

Fourth and lastly. I had to prepare for my exit show from SPCC, which was incredibly difficult because although I was inspired by the great work I had just been exposed to, I had no desire to be inside the studio. Literally forced myself to start working, but soon enough the juices were flowing and I was back in the game. 

I love Knick Knack Pattywhack. I may use it again sometime. Check out slides of my work in the gallery.

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