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So my last class is done and my grades were posted this morning (with Honors eh.h.. hmm..). I can't believe this two year academic journey that led me from New York to Florida is over. Time to briefly gather my thoughts before I begin the grad school hunt. 

This weekend we ( the A.I.Rs ) were fed very well. On Saturday, we were invited by one of the members of St. Pete Clay to dinner in Tampa. R.W. is awesome. Every time we get a cut tree, he appears with his chain saw and iPod and goes to town. We had some great Cuban food at his lady friend's home -- with a beautiful view of Tampa Bay too. Good time.

Nick Joerling was in town for a workshop at the Morean Center for Clay this weekend. I made it to a good chunk of Sunday's demo before heading to K.H's lovely house for a post workshop dinner. Just being in her home, surrounded by her stunning collection of ceramics is joy enough, but good company and delicious food made for a memorable night.