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NCECA 2011/Tampa bay is officially here. So what did I do? I unloaded a couple of kilns with some super awesome clay artists while busloads of people stopped by. Just another day at St. Pete Clay! Seriously though, we just concluded our pre-conference workshop (Blast-Off) and planned the big unloading especially for the first day of NCECA. First thing today, I helped unload the Train kiln that Tara Wilson lead with a bunch of helpful folk from Ole Miss. Great kiln! It was hands down the best firing we've ever had. I had a couple of killer baskets and vases.


Then we moved onto the Anagama. It was overall a great firing, although the rear was dull and gray. Beautiful results on my porcelain teabowls and again with killer baskets.      I'll take better pics and write about the rest of NCECA week when I've a some time.